The weather is starting to feel a lot like Springtime. Now is the time to get your AC cooling system checked by the professional technicians at AllPro Heating & AC. We can check to see that your thermostat is operating efficiently, as well as your AC cooling system & your Freon. Call right now! 817-966-6610 or 214-518-1895. The Winter is leaving and people are starting to use their AC cooling systems. It’s getting downright warm outside. Is your AC working efficiently? Are you getting the maximum cooling performance out of your air conditioning system? Call now for your Spring AC cooling system checkup. Our specially trained professional air conditioning technicians can put your mind to rest with a Spring cooling checkup. We check to see that all of the system is working the best that it can. We check your thermostat for function and accuracy. We check your cooling systems electrical components, we check your Freon level, and check to see that it’s sending cold air into your home. We’ll let you know if we find problems with your system, and make recommendations on making repairs to your air conditioning system. And we have a good reputation for offering reasonable repair and service prices. We want you for customers now, and in the future. We tell you the price before we start, and we charge flat rate prices. We do not have any hidden prices in our pricing quotes. What are you waiting for? Call us now! Make sure your ac system is working good for the Summer and all the hot weather here in Texas. Also, a good running ac system is more energy efficient, and will help to save you money on your electric bill. Call now to schedule your appointment! (817) 966-6610 or (214) 518-1895.

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